Is Your Home Fit To Sell Part II

Here are four more videos that will help you get your house ready for the market.


Perhaps you have some very fond memories of that worn out shag carpet by the fire-place, but chances are that a potential buyer will not appreciate its history as much as you do.

Furniture placement

I can see that you are an athletic fellow, but a lot of people don’t want to jump over the sofa to get to the patio doors.

Main selling rooms

Those fancy French doors that lead to the utility room in the basement are a very nice touch, but not everyone places such a high value on the utility room’s ambience.

Pre-listing inspection

Yes, I have met your uncle Chester, and he does seem like a very knowledgable fellow, however, maybe we should get a second opinion on the condition of the house from someone who doesn’t refer to that as a roll of “duck” tape.